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Rainbow Run/ Walk 5K


5k Run/Walk

to benefit the rainbow funD

What we stand for

The Rainbow Run/Walk is in memory of Cassandra Grace Duncan. While nothing can replace the hole left by her death, her passing has taught us the importance of educating the public and supporting those touched by mental illness.

The Rainbow Fund was started in memory of our daughter Cassandra Grace Duncan. She was almost 15 years old when she took her own life the day after Christmas 2005. Since her death we have learned so much about suicide and mental illness, and how so many people and their families struggle everyday to survive. The Rainbow Fund has been set up to generate funding to bring hope to mental illness! We have to take the dark cloud of stigma and fear away from mental illness and replace it with the rainbow of hope! Please find it in your heart and legs to support a cause so near to our hearts. Our Mental Wellness affects all of us, everyday!

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Author Clay Berry~ 

book discussion & mental wellness conversation

Please join us on July 28th 2018 from 3-5pm!

This event will be held outside, to the left of our Farm Shop near our gazebo. Light refreshments will be served and afterwards a tour of our farm program will be offered to those interested.

Clay will speak about his inspiration for writing his novels "Through a Shattered Looking-glass" and "Those Frightening Things You Should Let Win."

"Through a Shattered Looking-glass" is the first in a series of novels about Tamara Baxter who grows up in New York City. This novel describes her parents’ struggle to manage her emotional trauma, though they have little success. While on vacation in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, they catch a glimmer of hope when they meet an elderly woman named Barb who lives on a farm in the tiny village of Blossom’s Rest. In "Those Frightening Things You Should Let Win", Tamara goes to live on that farm with Barb, where she begins to heal and discovers the source of her hope. The novels reinforce the importance of community, faith, meaningful work and a new sense of purpose as essential ingredients in healing.

If you or a family member is struggling in your mind or emotions, then I invite you to consider Tamara’s story. See if her pilgrimage through suffering sheds any light on the challenges you may be facing.

Copies of "Through A Shattered Looking-glass" and "Those Frightening Things You Should Let Win" will be available for purchase at the Harvest Acres Farm Shop.

Clay Berry lives with his wife, Beth, in Wakefield, Rhode Island where Clay has served as pastor of the Wakefield Baptist Church for over twenty years. Clay was recently awarded the Doctor of Worship Studies degree from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. His thesis examined connections between worship and healing. 

Contact him at clayberry4@gmail.com